About DAU Components

DAU Components Ltd (formed in 1977) specialises in passives, hardware and electro-mechanical components. We work closely with our customers to provide parts to their specific requirements, and focus our efforts on our core range of products which include: Thermal management - heatsinks and cases; Card readers - smart, magnetic, hybrid, 'Tribrid' and motorised, and Smart Cards and combi RFiD Cards; Buzzers & Sounders including micro-speaker and micro-phones; DC power and Audio Connectors, Capacitors, Varistors and Thermistors; Trim Caps; Switches including tactile, rocker and toggle; Connectors - RJ, USB and Mini Dins and much more besides. Please see our Product List for more details.

All of our factories work to ISO 9001 standards and our automotive partner suppliers work to TS16949. We supply to MIL, DIN, VDE, UL CSA and other National and International standards where applicable.

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DAU Components Ltd
68 - 74 Barnham Road, Barnham
West Sussex PO22 0ES, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1243 553031

Heatsinks Enclosures Connectors

Card Readers Switches Smart Cards


Buzzers Speakers Microphones

Audio DC Jack Connectors

Toggle Rocker Push Button Switches

Tact Slide DIP Switches

Hinges Sliders