Visionox; was established at Tsinghua University in order to develop Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) technology and have subsequently become a leading company in this field, integrating cutting edge R&D, mass production, marketing and sales.

Visionox have remained at the forefront of the OLED industry for over 20 years, making innovation and integration of OLEDs their primary goal. They have played a pivotal role in establishing International Standards for OLEDs, based on their visionary technical expertise and a fundamental understanding of integrating OLEDs into existing technologies. For recognition of their achievements, Visionox won first prize in the National Award for Technological Invention issued by the Chinese State Council, and hold a Gold Patent Award.

Their products are widely used in the following industries: Consumer Electronics, Industrial Control Instruments, Telecommunications, Medical, Automotive, Audio and Test and Measurement, Photographic, Toys. Etc.

IECQ QC080000


Heatsinks Enclosures Connectors

Card Readers Switches Smart Cards


Buzzers Speakers Microphones

Audio DC Jack Connectors

Toggle Rocker Push Button Switches

Tact Slide DIP Switches

Hinges Sliders