ddm Hopt & Schuler specialise in design, development and manufacture of the most advanced and compact range of card reader/writer devices. Whether you are working on the latest high profile Smart Card Payment systems, or a simple low cost, low profile connector block for pay TV, then Hopt & Schuler have the right product at the right price.

ddm Hopt & Schuler has the experience in electronics and precision mechanical design that has been incorporated and blended into the development of their card readers and switch product lines. In electronics, "smaller is better", and they constantly strive to provide their customers with the benefits of product miniturisation. Continuous innovation has allowed them to be an effective global player for the last quarter century, in a highly competitive field.

Even though Hopt & Schuler have the largest and most comprehensive range of card interfacing product in the World, they are happy to work closely with customers, developing new ideas and products to meet specific customer requirements.

As the combined range of Hopt & Schuler & DAU is so large and specialised, not all items are on the website, please contact us so we can send you the exact information you require and samples to evaluate.

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